Thursday, June 9, 2011

Just the three of us!

Well it has been quite awhile since I posted but things have been very busy. We are now moved into the new house and we have been here for a few months now. It finally feels like home. I still have some decorating to do but all in all things have been wonderful here.

Today my wonderful husband had Gallbladder surgery. I was thinking about how he has stood by me through so many surgeries. He has held my hand and prayed me through 2 C-Sections, an Ablation, a Hysterectomy, an Appendectomy, a Gallbladder Removal, and 2 back surgeries. If you are keeping count that would be 8. 8 times that he has kissed me bye as they rolled me into the OR. 8 times that he has sat in the waiting room and prayed that everything was ok. 8 times that the nurse called him in to the consultation room, 8 times that he's gotten good, bad and in between news from doctors. 8 times he has smiled at me as I opened my eyes in recovery, 8 times that he has fed me ice chips, and held my hair while I got sick (anesthesia and me are not friends.) 8 surgeries. 1 Amazing Man.

Well today I was able to return the favor, I held his hand a prayed with him, I kissed him bye, I prayed while he was in the OR, I stood up when the nurse called for his family, I listened as the doctor told me everything went great, and as I smiled at him when he was opening his eyes in recovery I thought "Man, this is what LOVE really feels like!" Love is not a funny feeling you get when you see a man, Love is not flowers for no reason, or a big diamond ring. Love is knowing that we have each other. No matter what. It's me, Him and God. And that my friend is the perfect picture of true love. Just the three of us. To hear more about what LOVE is go visit my Dad's new blog if you visit leave a comment and let him know I sent you!

In Christ Alone,

Sherri D. Roe

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