Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hello Friends!

* insert quiet clearing throat sound here* Umm Hello bloggy friends, I have missed you guys. I love you all. I have been on-line for a little while catching up with some of you, reading your blogs, looking at your pictures, and feeling very ashamed of myself. You see part of my calling is to pray for those like-minded people who are adopting or have adopted or will adopt but I have been kinda in love with my flesh, and blinded by my pet sins for a few weeks. I have sort of been in limbo. As I have told you before to read your stories and to follow your journeys has a tendency to make my heart bleed quite a bit and I decided to take a break but unconfessed sin is still sin and an unfulfilled calling is still a calling and things have been pretty miserable here in the land of disobedience so I think I better get off my kester and do a little something.

I can't visit bloggyland as often because I homeschool 20 hours a week and work 30 hours a week outside the home but I can visit for a few minutes every day and I can spend a couple of minutes blogging. I can let people in...matter of fact I need to.

My back, that I firmly believe God touched and healed, has begun to give me fits again. My left leg is completely numb and my left knee is in bad shape. I am in MAJOR pain and I have an appointment with my the surgeon who did my first surgery on Wednesday. Please pray about all of this.

We are leaving for a MUCH needed vacation on Thursday and I know that this will lift my spirits, being at the ocean is always a time of soul searching and renewal for me. It reminds me of my BIG huge GOD and I really need that now. I am going to go catch up with a few more of you and then start to pack. Love you all!
In Christ Alone,


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm still here!

Things have took a turn toward busy and I haven't been in bloggy land much lately but I thought I would check in. I have started a new position that lasts until October 1st. I am homeschooling from 8-12 and working from 1:30-8. With the two hours of driving I have to do to get to work and back that means I am going for over 13 I am pretty tired and I normally fall into bed before I even think about blogging.

It is very hard to get everything done right now but I keep telling myself I can do anything for three months, RIGHT?!

I received some bad news from the doctor a few weeks ago. My back has another pinched nerve and I am losing feeling in my left foot and leg. I need another surgery but I am uninsured right now. I am going to call a local hospital today and see if there is anything they can do for me there. Please keep this situation in your prayers.

Homeschool is going great and I am very surprised with how quickly the kids are picking up on things. I will tell you it is the hardest, most rewarding thing I have ever done. Maybe I can post more about that later. Hope everyone is well! God Bless!