Thursday, April 29, 2010


So I just need to vent for a minute; I.HATE.SOCKS! I mean it! My two lovely children are both VERY picky about their socks. They can't be too big or too little, they must hit at just the right place on their ankles. Both of my well behaved children have been reduced to a puddle of tears several times just because they couldn't find any "good socks". We have been fighting this battle for a very long time. When the kids were young I just didn't have time to sit and mate socks so I got in the habit of having a sock basket. As soon as socks came out of the dryer they went into the sock basket. Everyone’s socks went in there and that way when you needed socks you just had to dig through and find a pair that fit.

Well as the kids got older that got to be way to much trouble because when your child is picky over socks it takes forever to dig for just the right pair and its perfect mate! Well then I tried something different I had a bowl of safety pins and I told every person 10 and under in our house to bring me their socks and a safety pin when they took them off and I pinned the very tip of the toes together and then when I took them out of the wash I unpinned them and mated them and all was good for awhile. However I am here to tell you it gets to be a pain when you are rolling out biscuit dough and a child runs in with dirty socks and stands there waiting on you to pin them! So eventually we got out of the habit and now we are back to the sock basket. Well today I noticed it has grown from one basket to two baskets! I have two baskets full of stupid clean socks staring at me right now!!! They are taunting me and telling me how they will eat the kid’s favorite socks and cause crying fits for the next three weeks of school before socks are banned and flip-flops reign. I want to take those smart mouthed socks to the front yard and set them on fire and roast a marshmallow over them. But I don't have a burn permit and the pollen would choke me to death. So instead I have decided to mate these socks, throw the extra's away, and buy a new box of safety pins then I am going to give instructions to take the socks to DAD to be pinned, after all he doesn’t make biscuits! THANK YOU GOD FOR SOCKS but I sure hate em!

Guess what I am not the only one! May 8th is NO SOCK DAY!! How about that?! I think I may need a twelve step program to get over this! Have a great Thursday!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Updated pictures...and blog!

Just so you know I updated my blog from earlier today and we had a photo change in our header and on our side bar if anyone would like to see what my little lovley children look like now! Hope everyone had a great Wednesday!

In Christ Alone,

The Real Me~WARNING~this is not a "Pretty Little Package Post"

I have been going through some stuff lately. My back (that God healed) has begun to hurt again. I feel this was because of a single act of disobedience on my part. I am not saying that if you are hurting it is because of sin but I know what I did that my Sweet Heavenly Father told me not to do and I can honestly say that this is my fault. Now I know God has forgiven me and I believe that he will touch me again and I will walk in my healing but the fact of the matter is I belong to him. My life is his, my children are his, my bank account is his, my bills are his, it's all his. I don't own one thing and when I begin to act like I do...well I get in trouble. I am thankful for that correction because it means I am HIS CHILD! Praise the Lord for that!

Well back to the story; this has all driven me back to a crossroad in my life. Do I depend on God and his strength or do I allow myself to be sucked back into the "Egypt" I once was a slave in? Well I know the answer to that I depend on God but typing those three words on this screen is A LOT easier than walking them out. So today I decided to get up with a purpose in hopes that I can stay focused on the life Christ intended for me instead of being drawn away by things that don't matter so I decided to make myself a list. A list of 10 things that I HAVE to do today. Things that will get me up and moving and will require me to spend time with God instead of pushing him away. Even if it hurts.

I want to be real on this blog so I am going to share my list...

List of 10 Things to do Today

1. Clean Kitchen (Don't do dishes (this is my dear daughter's chore and she is paid for it :-))
2. Clean Dining Room
3. Fold Clothes on Love Seat (they have been laying there for at least 3 days!)
4. Wash at least three loads of laundry...since I haven't done laundry in 3 days this made
5. TAKE A SHOWER (you guys think I am kidding but I'm not. I have to take a shower sitting on a chair right now so this is quite a process!)
6. Fix a good supper for the family tonight (no fast food junk).
7. Read my Bible (Hello?! It's where all my help comes from why do I seem to want to put it down when things are hard?!)
8. Write for 30 minutes (I don't think I have talked about this yet on here but my Dad and I have been working on a book for over a year...we brainstorm, we make an outline of what we want in each chapter and then I write it...well the first chapter isn't even finished...and I have been doing this an entire year!!! God has called us to something awesome after this book is written but I may be 75 by then.)
9. Be NICE (even to the people I live with)...ugh!

I mean it's ugly but it's the real me. My flesh is at war with my spirit and my brain is caught in the middle. So I am starting small. I have a little over 10 hours to get all of this done so I have to accomplish one thing an hour...For my first task I cleaned the kitchen and started a load of I did get to cross one thing off my list already praise the Lord! I am so glad to know that no matter where I find myself God is with me. He loves me. Isaiah 54:10 says "For the mountains may depart and the hills be removed, but my steadfast love shall not depart from you, and my covenant of peace shall not be removed," says the Lord, who has compassion on you," He's not going anywhere...he knows the real me and he loves me ANYWAY! PRAISE GOD FOR THAT!!

So I got everything accomplished on my list EXCEPT spending 30 minutes writing...I just kept putting that off...but I did bake a cake for dessert after a great dinner of homemade I guess I did pretty good! I had a great time at church and I feel alot better. One of the main things I want to avoid is having to rely on the pain pills again so please pray that God will help me with this! Thanks for all the prayers!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Amos Story...the heart of a parent in the midst of adopting.

I believe every parent who longs to adopt will feel like this song is a personal testimony. When I heard it on a friends blog I wanted to just go through the computer screen and hug the guy singing it. I get it. Even if it takes my last fleeting breath....I WILL GET YOU HERE!

In Christ Alone,

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Need to go Full-time...x3

I am posting this in answer to Linny's Crazy Love Challenge #2 you can visit here...

I am just going to jump right into my need so you will have time to move on and read other's needs...

I have a great job that is a "flex position" basically it means that I only work when they need me and during most of the year that is only around 20-30 hours per month...during the fourth quarter I can work up to 40 hours a week. Well it is a great job for a Mom because I can be off for plays and field trips ect. but right now I need more.

I need to go full-time for three reasons...

1.) I need health insurance. I have several health issues and I have no other available options that are even remotely affordable.

2.) We want to adopt. If I am not working full time we don't have a group health plan that would cover a child without pre-existing conditions and because we want to adopt a SN child this is a big deal. (Also my Employer gives $5,000 toward the cost of our adoption if I am full-time.)

3.) We want to be able to buy a home that can hold all of the children God wants to send us. Right now we rent a small home and we just chopped off part of our living room to add a VERY VERY small bedroom for our son so we have grown all we can here. We don't want an extravagant home we just want something clean, safe, and large enough to grow our family. To own this home I need to be working for awhile so that we can pay our debt off and get in the position to buy. Right now we are just getting buy...unable to save or pay debt down.

There are no open jobs in my department but I KNOW that God can make a position for me. He has done it before. I can not move to another department until December of this year (my 18 month mark with the company) and I really LOVE my job and would LOVE to stay in my department. Please pray that God would give me favor with my bosses and that I will be able to go full time. I work hard and I believe that God will honor that. Please join me in praying about this! Thank You so much!!!

In Christ Alone,


Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Cost of Caring

Hello everyone! I hope your Easter weekend is going well. Things have been busy here! Mitch had surgery about two weeks ago, I spent a few days in the hospital at the beginning of the week with some heart issues and Colton is having surgery Monday! As I said busy!!! I just stopped by some other blogs and I realized that not reading and blogging latley have a little more to do with my attitude than they do my schedule. Honestly it is hard to read about journey's and look at little faces when my dream of another little one seems so far away. But as I read a few blogs of families getting ready to travel I realized that this is part of my care. I must read and I must pray and I must keep my heart broken for these children. I am afraid that if I don't I will end up wasting this life on things much less important than giving a child a family. So even though it may hurt to care I will chose to allow my heart to be broken for the things that break His heart.

In Christ Alone,