Friday, January 20, 2012

Love is as strong as death!

Song of Solomon 8:6 says
"Set me as a seal upon your heart, 
 As a seal upon your arm; 
 For love is as strong as death, 
 Jealousy as cruel as the grave; 
 Its flames are flames of fire, 
 A most vehement flame."

I believe this verse is a warning label. I think God wanted us to understand the power of Love over a human. I think he wanted His daughters; His Princess to understand we should be careful who we give our hearts to. When God created men and women he wired us up differently, for a purpose. He told us to be fruitful and multiply. That's a two step process, be fruitful, or produce, so he puts inside men a want for women, they are visual, they see a woman and they want to be fruitful. Now they are not animals and a man being led by Christ will learn to control themselves. But women were made for the 2nd part of God's order, multiply, what good would having children be if they never made it through the baby stage? God gave women the heart of a nurturer, we want to hold someone, we want to be held, we want relationship. We crave intimacy, if you are 18 and single or 45 and married you still have the same want. Someone who can't live without you, someone who values you above all else. you want to be wanted and loved. The problem is that this mindset often draws people to you that want you but don't love you, they see a need they can fill, "whoa baby, you want to be wanted well I for sure want you!" but if we fall for that and give ourself to that kind of person we will be crushed when they act surprised that you also expect love and relationship. They seem to easily walk away while that "Love as strong as death" rips you into. Oh girl I have been there been right in the middle of that mess. I once asked a man if he loved me and his response was "I love you because you love me so much and you've always been so good to me." that will just warm your heart won't it? Not I love you because I am a better person with you or because you are my soul mate or because you are the one God made for me. Nope, basically he loved me based on what I had, was, or would do for him. So any self respecting woman would have got the spirit of slap and rung his jaws and walked away but me, I thought...well at least he loves me. I wish I could go back in time and get the spirit of slap and smack some sense into my own head!! Let me make this simple, God is the only one who will ever love you the way that fulfills your soul. Now he may send you a Christian man that you can share your life with. And that man may fill a lot of needs but he will mess up, he'll come in from work and you will want to snuggle and he'll want to snore. He'll forget a birthday or say something that hurts your feelings. He's human but you should NEVER have to question his intentions, he should be there to be your partner and love you for the rest of your days ( Thank You Lord for Mitchell Roe my perfectly imperfect husband!) but he cannot complete you, he can't heal your heart from the misuse of those that came before him and he can never give you the true intimacy you desire ONLY GOD can fill that need!!! A few years ago I had my lightbulb moment and realized I was expecting my husband to fill roles made for Christ I can't begin to tell you how my heart changed when I straightened that out. Have I been perfect since then? No but I have recognized more quickly when setting my self up for a let down because of placing expectations on people who will never fill them. Jesus truly is the lover of my soul. He loves me for all the right reasons and since the day I said I do to him as a 13 year old girl he has never stopped holding me. Give your heart to Christ, it's the only place it will be safe. 

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