Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So it's been awhile!!!

Hi bloggy world! I have been away for awhile but I visited one blog tonight and found myself clicking on another, and another...and before I knew it my heart was overflowing and my fingers needed to type. You girls do that to me. Seeing God in you makes me a better person. I sure love you guys!!

I will spend a few minutes telling you what has been going on around here since the last time I wrote...which was September 9th! Wow I haven't written in over 3 months...time flies when you are having surgery I guess!

Back in October I had some sickness and ended up needing my Gallbladder out, I was out of work for about a month and then went back to work and worked until the first of December. I had an MRI and as some of you may know I have had back problems for years and years. I fell about 4 years ago and ruptured a few disk's in my back. I had one surgery about three years ago and things had been going fine then about 8 months ago I started having lots of pain in my left leg. I had a new MRI in November and we found out I had a HUGE disk rupture my nerves were in bad shape, I had began to lose use of my left leg and my doctor worried that I would lose control of my bladder and other bodily functions...so less than a week after the doctor saw the MRI I had a back fusion. This is a huge deal since I am just 30. I now have 4 screws and 2 rods and a mesh "fake disk" in my back. I have been out of work for over a month now and my doctor estimates that it will still be at least 2 to 3 more months before I am able to go back. Thank God for Short Term Disability and for a wonderful husband who has taken care of me!

Things have been rough we went through Christmas with me barley able to sit and it was hard not to be able to do the things I always do for Christmas. But God provided and we improvised and everything worked out!

I have to say I have been a little bummed because of the outlook that I have been given with the steel in my back. I won't be able to bend as easily and I really can't be lifting or carrying anything or anyone...this makes the idea of adopting seem a little far fetched but I know all things are possible through Christ and I look forward to being surprised by exactly what I am able to do after my healing is complete.

I will continue to try and catch up with everyone..I hope that you are all well! God Bless!

In Christ Alone,


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